Since 2006, I have lived and conducted research on both sides of the US-Mexico border, studying the contributing factors and the consequences of unauthorized immigration to the United States. Currently, my work and research are focused on the conditions and experiences of new immigrants now living in Houston, and on the power of cooperative and collaborative work to improve economic opportunities for women in Rural Mexico. In addition to my work as a Professor of Social Work at the University of Houston-Downtown, I am fortunate to live part time in community as a Catholic Worker at Casa Juan Diego, where I write as a special series writer for the Houston Catholic Worker Newspaper, and work directly with Houston’s refugee and new immigrant communities.

social work

I am a Professor and Director of the Social Work Program at the University of Houston – Downtown.

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Visit Casa Juan Diego online or contact me for more information about volunteering or making a donation.

Speaking and Teaching Engagements

I am a highly experienced and engaging speaker and teacher in small groups and large. Any honorarium is donated to Casa Juan Diego.